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Understanding Intentional Parenting for 21st Century Parents [Expert Talk]

In this video, we are going to see what parenting is all about, and this is the challenge for everybody not just for parents, for the whole family all together. In this 21st century, parents are busy in their own work of interest, which draws a line of negligence towards their children. We, as parents are responsible for erasing that line and build up the confidence level of our children, which were neglected by us.

There are some common scenarios requiring international interventions, and we will discuss them all one by one-

  • What to do when a child wants power? What happens when a child is “throwing tantrums all around?”
  • What to do when a child seeks attention? – Due to negligence and not getting the focus that the child was getting previously, some non-tolerating actions might come up from the child’s side which directly or indirectly makes you frustrated.
  • What to do when a child lets go? – There are times when the child wants to give up things entirely and there the role of parents start. You, as a parent, have to stop your child from doing so.
  • What to do when a child gets angry? – Many times, it happens that the child is angry and we don’t know the reasons behind that anger.


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