EdCaptain is an India based social enterprise that believes that every child deserves better teachers, better parents and better educators. A small help and direction to parents and teachers can do wonders in the life of a child and prepare them to success in 21st century.

EdCaptain is on a mission is to nurture the children of today to become creative thinkers, responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. And that starts by empowering parents and teachers, the two largest influencers in a child’s life, with necessary knowledge to make this possible.

It is the one place where parents/teachers can ask parenting and education related questions and get amazing answers. It is the one place where parents can share parenting lessons, teachers can share teaching strategies for the benefit of all other parents / teachers.

How are we different? It is a platform of the educators, for the educators, and by the educators. While there is a lot of good education content in the market (“What to teach?”), EdCaptain focuses on “How to teach?”.

We are a team of enthusiastic people who want to see a wonderful future for our children!

P.S.: If all the above sounds gibberish to you, just understand this. EdCaptain is that magic wand that will make you a superhero in a child’s life!