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Fun Funny – improv game to develop the skill of public speaking and creativity




Number of Participants: Any

Setting (Indoor / Outdoor): Any

Estimate Execution Time: 30 mins

Improv game to develop the skill of public speaking and creativity.

  1. Images – An initial set of images is provided as attachment. You can take more photos from anywhere on the web and either take printouts or can view the images on the phone / tablet / laptop. (ATTACHMENT 1 – contains 32 images, Fun Funny – Pictures Attachment – You can add any other such images of your choice)
  2. Timer (or you can use stopwatch on your mobile)
  3. Thumbs up sign – print out for each player (optional as you may also ask players to do actual thumbs up) (ATTACHMENT 2 – Thumbs up cutout– Thumbs up sign)
  4. Sheet to keep score (optional)
  1. Print the attachments. Cut and place all the images in a stack facing upside down.
  2. Hand out the thumbs up sign to every player.
  3. On a turn, a player picks up the first image from the stack and looks at it.
  4. The player has to make up a funny story about the scene in the picture – what the player thinks might have happened just before the scene OR what will happen after the scene. The player can pretend that he /she was part of the scene OR the player can talk about the story of the scene as a third person.
  5. The player gets one minute to think. Time the player using a timer.
  6. Then the player shows the image to everyone else and starts telling the story about the image. The story has to last for at least 45 seconds. Use a timer to track the time.
  7. All the other players rate the story by giving a thumbs up sign if they liked the story. The player gets points equal to the number of thumbs up his / her their story received.
  8. Note the score against the player’s name.
  9. Put the used image back into the stack of images and shuffle the stack.
  10. Then the turn passes on to the next player and steps 4 to 10 are repeated.
  11. Ensure that every player gets a chance to tell a story. The play can continue for as many rounds as desired.
  12. The player with most points wins the game.
  1. What are some of the styles of story telling that received maximum thumbs up today? Possible answers: Being creative, using humour / wit, doing actions, using different voices, looking at everyone while telling the story, loud and clear voice, interactive story involving the audience, etc.
  2. Summarise the discussed styles and encourage the players to use these styles in the future.
  1. A facilitator’s role is to conduct the activity – put together the material, give instructions, ensure fairness and no cheating, keep score, ask reflection questions and summarise the learning. Any extra tasks will be mentioned in other sections.
  2. It is important for facilitator (parent / teacher) to participate in the activity as a player.
  3. The facilitator does not have to take on the role of a teacher. Be careful that you don’t start preaching to the players from your own life experiences.
  4. Set up the activity like a game, to be fun. Do not make it stressful for the players such that they feel that they are being tested.
  1. The facilitator or any one player can give an example or demonstration before the game begins, so that everyone knows what is expected of them. You may use the example given above for the demo. Remember, use actions and expressions to make it fun.
  2. In case there are more than 5 players, this game can also be played by dividing the group into teams of 2 – 3 players each. In this case, ensure that every player gets a chance to tell the story.
  3. We encourage you to share with us the variations you try in the comments section below.

The player draws the following image from the stack:

After one minute of thinking, the player shows the picture to everyone and starts telling the story:

A young Miss Potato was walking along the kitchen counter, when she came across a handsome Mr. Potato lying on the counter. He was bleeding heavily from a stab wound in his chest. Miss Potato got very scared and started to shiver. The sight of all the blood was making her dizzy. But she gathered her strength and decided to help the injured Mr. Potato. She looked around and started shouting for help, “someone please help me take this man to the doctor, anyone, please help”. Suddenly, Mr. Potato opened his eyes and jumped up to stand. Miss Potato was shocked. She started asking him, “are you okay? You are bleeding… who hurt you?”. Mr. Potato smiled at her and said, “I am sorry to have scared you ma’am. I am a movie actor. My name is Varun Potato Kumar. We are shooting a movie. See, this is not real blood, it is ketchup. I must have dozed off while shooting this scene. And my movie crew seems to have taken off leaving me here.” Miss Potato started laughing and said to him, “good that you woke up mister, otherwise we would be riding in an ambulance right now”. Then Miss Potato took actor Varun Potato Kumar’s autograph and continued with her walk.


Written by Saurabh Agarwal

Education and Public Policy Expert
Harvard and IIT Alumni

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