FIVE quick tips for parents during exam time

#1 Ensure not to pressurize kids to score high

There’s a difference between motivation and pressure. Make sure that you are motivating and not pressurizing. Everyone has their unique abilities and they need not be high scores in few subjects of the curriculum of our education system.

#2 Focus on a Healthy mind and body for your child

Many of us lack in this realm when we are bringing guides and thick books for our kids. Healthy mind is a consequent of good nutrition. Make sure your child is hydrated and not eating too much or too less. Dehydration is a major problem in summers. To tackle it, you can make fruit juices and at least drink 2 liters of water.

#3 Recreation activities helps a mind to take rest that is necessary for better learning

One needs to know the importance of recreation apart from the supervision of studies of kids. Make sure your kids go out and play games in fresh air. It refreshes one’s mind and increase the saturation point of grasping things.

#4 Discipline and time schedule helps in better execution

Doing everything at once leads to doing nothing altogether. Help your child to create a time-table to distribute time for all the subjects according to their nature and your child’s hold in each of them

Now exams are finished and it’s time for a break!!!!!

Kids are happy to finally get done with the hard work and get the load off their bodies. Make sure to not remind them of their result again and again. Let them enjoy the break and leave the result to the time. 

#5 Don’t Panic

This tip is both for you and your kid. DON’T PANIC!  The deed is done and you can’t undo anything. Let things flow in their own accord and just celebrate the result.

Irrespective of whether your kid passes or fails the exam, you need to be the motivator and make the best out of the situation.

Exam time is not a Hard Time. It’s the time to focus all your concentration and bring the best out of yourself!


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