[Mobile App Review] A styled mind of bilingual child: DUOLINGO for children

As all the hard and fast ways of teaching are being a complete failure, there’s a dire need of Fun Learning for teaching children. Here is this app, Duolingo, to broaden your children’s horizon in the most interesting fashion.

It’s scientifically proven that kids learn faster than adults. Introducing this app to your child will brush up their memorizing and learning power.  As noted in the article Why Bilinguals Are Smarter by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee of the New York Times, the author states, “The collective evidence from a number of such studies suggests that the bilingual experience improves the brain’s so-called executive function — a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.”

Here are some points which you’d like to focus on before you connect your children with this app:

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that includes a language-learning website and app. It offers 85 different language courses in 24 languages. Its structure resembles to a gaming app which attracts the children to learn happily.

GAMING STRUCTURE: A user gets lingots as reward points after completing every level which can be spent later on customization of the character or bonus levels.

DAILY GOALS: You can set your goals in 4 levels.
Casual (10 points per day)
Regular (20 points per day)
Serious(30 points per day)
Insane(50 points per day)

You should try to start with Casual goal and then progress toward higher goals. [ Casual -Regular – Serious – Insane] 

CLUBS: Public Clubs are available to join by selecting the Clubs tab in your mobile device and tapping on “Find me a Club.” With this option you will be assigned automatically to a Club.

To join a private Club, you will need a Club code from a friend or fellow language learner, who is learning the same language on Duolingo as you.

PRICING STRUCTURE OF APP: The app is free of cost with periodic advertising which in a way increases your patience skill.

DEVICES: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile

AGE LIMIT: There is no age bar as such for language learning features but one can’t join a club under the age of 13. It’s for the good only to protect your child from any cyber harm.


STRENGTHENING OF SKILL SET: In a year you’ll realize that your child has earned a whole new skill.  In a world of globalization, learning a foreign language from a fun-game app is deemed as a win-win situation. The child gets to play and learn together.

CREATIVITY: Children are full of imaginations and creativity. It is scientifically proven that bilinguals tend to have better memories and creative minds. This is a very effective way to not let your child jump into band wagon and enables him/her to use his/her mind’s creativity to its maximum potential.

NON-PARTISAN VIEWS: Learning a new language impels you to delve in a new culture and makes you more open-minded. It makes you tolerant of other people’s views and perceptions.

COMPETITIVE STRENGTH: There are public leaderboards in Duolingo where one can see where he/she is standing among his/her other friends. This inculcates a positive competitive strength in children and also propel them to learn with vigour.

The app has about 300 million registered users across the world and it also has its own podcast that serves the auditory methods of teaching. The speaking and learning exercises backed up by the sound effects and motivational messages helps to create a blissful learning environment.


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