How to teach children English Literature?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - EnglishHow to teach children English Literature?
viyom asked 4 వారాలు ago

Not only English grammar but English Literature is equally tough to make children understand the lessons. I want to know the different ways of teaching literature to my students. Can anyone help me in doing so?

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mizanyo answered 4 వారాలు ago

When I was in school, then our English teacher used to narrate the chapter to us. We used to study books which was written by Shakespeare. Back then, she first explained to us the lesson and used to asks us about the doubts that we had in our mind. Then every Saturday after the completion of the scene of the drama, we were taken to the audio-visual room, where we were able to understand the scene better that we had studied in the class.
Maybe you can adopt this method in your classroom to make children understand things better.

khankhan answered 2 వారాలు ago

In my daughter’s school, her teacher used to teach the lesson in the class first and then after the completion of the chapter, and they perform a play by enacting the characters of that chapter. This type of activity engages children’s minds in a fun way. Children also pay attention to the class while the teacher teaches in the class.

shysankalp answered 3 రోజులు ago

I used to take English tuition at home. There are always different children who want to study differently. Some of the students like play base teaching and others by reading and writing.
I made students read the lessons, and then I used to narrate them the stories. After that normal session of interactive study, we used to play a quiz round where we asked questions related to the stories that we had studied together.

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