How to make my child active during exam time?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow to make my child active during exam time?
mothermamta asked 1 నెల ago

My child sleeps a lot during exam time. No matter how much sleep he takes, he still feels lazy and sleepy when he wakes up to study. I don’t know how to solve this problem of his. Due to this habit, he sometimes feels headache and forgets to attempt some of the questions during exams. Can anyone help me to provide a worth solution so that I can make my child study better and get good marks in his exams?

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singhswati answered 1 నెల ago

I have heard somewhere that if the child is not taking proper diet, then he feels lazy and sick. I know as a mother, you take adequate care of your child but still check is the child is eating healthy food or eating fast foods to cover his hunger for a while. Maybe this helps you a lot.

jamesbond answered 1 నెల ago

When I was a child, I used to drink lots of water/juice, which made me feel refreshing all the time. I adopted the same pattern for my child. When she eats food at that time, she feels a little lazy and wants to sleep, so I allow her to take a nap of 2 hours. On waking up, she drinks juice, which keeps her energy high and increases her concentration power as well.
I think eating food makes us little lazy for a time, so I prefer to give liquids to my daughter in between her studies. You can try this pattern too and observe the difference yourself.

mizanyo answered 3 వారాలు ago

Sometimes it happens that if a child feels that their studies are boring, then they feel lazy. You can ask your child what he feels regarding his studies; maybe this will help you. If the reason is the same which I gave you, then you can try new patter to educate your child. Try to play fun activities, which includes learning at the same time. There are many online sites which have come up with the latest and fun activities which can be performed by you and your son.

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