How to make children learn new things?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeHow to make children learn new things?
catmili asked 1 నెల ago

Children are more active and want to learn more than adults. But I feel it is difficult to make children learn things as they hesitate a lot to attempt any tasks. What should I do to make their hesitation vanish?

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Simran answered 4 వారాలు ago

You can teach children in different ways like-
1- Give them new activities to do so that they can learn things in a fun way.
2- Make them watch short but learning films which are designed for them.
3- You can even check different ways from this (EdCaptain) platform. They also have exciting activities which we can perform at school, home, anywhere.

Yashi answered 4 వారాలు ago

Children learn things mostly by what they see and hear. They are excellent observers. They like to copy what their parents and teachers are doing. So, if we are doing enjoyable activities, they want to copy it even more.
You can create your activities. Such activities must include some life skills and public speaking, which makes them open up a bit with others.

Lily answered 4 వారాలు ago

Yes, I also agree that by introducing studies in the form of activities makes understanding even more precise and likable for kids. There were times when children were only taught through books and notebooks, but now the things have been changed.
Children like to engage themselves in different kinds of activities, and they are ready to face more challenges, which makes their skills sharper.

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