How is education changing?

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samarcool asked 4 వారాలు ago

Back in my school days, I used to an average student, but kids of these days are far better than us. How this happens, is there any connection between the education changing scenario?

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Mahi answered 3 వారాలు ago

As technology changes the mode of study and difficulty level also increases. When we study the introduction to technology was not as such or very poor. But now children are doing far better with the help of technology. Now children are more familiar with the techniques and are helping the world to move towards the best economic development.

sunrays answered 3 వారాలు ago

Not only technology is making changes, but the method of teaching is also playing a significant role. Teachers and parents are adopting life skill activities to make children learn things even more efficiently.
There are a few advantages which are making teachers and parents learn towards life sill activities-
1- Such activities make children learn things faster.
2- Eliminating the pattern of boring studies.
3- Making children independent.

Abhishree answered 2 వారాలు ago

The education system is changing in its possible manner. Nowadays, kids are better because the teachers are better. Teaching techniques are based on the ideas given by the teachers, i.e., more thoughts and teaching styles will be delivered by the teachers; more development will be possible.
The teachers are using the online platform to deliver/share their knowledge with others.

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