What are the indoor activities for the kids to enhance their communication skills?

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It can be seen that children often hesitate to communicate with anyone. To cover come their fear, what are the classroom or indoor activities we can do with kids to make them confident?

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There are many indoor activities which will make children happy and confident. But it depends on which indoor activity we are selecting and for which age group.
Like for students of kinder garden activities with soft toys can be done and they can play with colors, can paint things which are drawn on the sheets.
And for children who are in class 4th or 5th standard, we can give them activities related to world affairs and general knowledge.

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Indoor activities can be of various types. But I think if children play some life skills activities in class that will be an excellent short. Recently I came across an activity named “Ring the bottle.” This is a fun activity that enhances the brainpower and concentration of children.

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