Will other students laugh at me if I answer teachers’ questions in class?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeWill other students laugh at me if I answer teachers’ questions in class?
yashraj asked 2 weeks ago

Many students don’t speak in class as they think, what everyone will think or what if they laugh at them. How can I tackle such a situation in class? Can anyone suggest some tips to deal with such a problem?

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khanasma answered 2 weeks ago

If students are not speaking due to shame or hesitation, then make them comfortable and tell them that this is the age where you can clear your doubts without being judged. Tell them that this is why schools are made so that teachers can explain things again and again. Maybe this motivation makes the students comfortable.

Parth answered 2 weeks ago

If children are making fun of others those who are asking/clearing their doubts, they should be punished normally like- make them stand for 10 minutes or ask the same question to them. 
If they are not able to answer due to nervousness, then make them realize that what they did with the other student was wrong. Due to such actions, most of the children are unable to speak what they want to. 
As a teacher, we are responsible for such acts done by our students, and we are the one who can guide them, motivate them to stop doing such actions in the future.

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