Why is playing time important in a parent-child relationship?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhy is playing time important in a parent-child relationship?
singhswati asked 2 months ago

Sometimes, I feel like my children are feeling little lonely inspite of many friends and toys…Is it important for parents to play with their kids? Or it is just my imagination or feelings regarding my children. What will be the benefits of playing with kids?

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raman answered 2 months ago

This is the time when the father and son became the two players of the game and Players think to enjoy the game for that specific moment. After that, this time became a memory when father and son realize to behave like friend and enjoy the all moments of life.

rockstarv answered 2 months ago

I think, playing with kids is fun plus you can even boost their moral and confidence… Playing time is the way to express your emotions and love towards your children and by spending such time we are able to make our bond with our kids even more stronger…

viyom answered 2 months ago

Playing with parents also leads to the healthy relationship of the parent and child. It also makes the understanding between the two of us strong. By playing we can teach our child new experiences which we had faced in our life and also make them sporty…

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