Which movies are useful to educate children?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhich movies are useful to educate children?
Shiv asked 4 months ago

As a father, I want my children to watch such movies from which they learn something which will help them in the future or to become a good and a kind human being. Did anyone know such films that are helpful and best for educational purpose?

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Palak answered 4 months ago

As a kindergarten teacher, we also show little students one movie in a week. There are some good movies which children would like to enjoy.
1- Finding Nemo- This demonstrate the values of confidence, friendship.
2- The Goonies- It is an adventure film.
3- Brave- A story of a brave princess Merida. This story carries many great educational values.
Hope you will make you children see these movies. You can also enjoy these films with your kids.

sarikastar answered 4 months ago

My kids love to watch movies, which are a comedy and has good graphics, but I also want my children to learn some values from it. 
1- Frozen
3-The Lego Movie
These are some movies which have good quality graphics and are fun to watch.

Simran answered 4 months ago

You can make your children see “Disney Movies” or “Disney cartoons.” Disney makes movies on themes like- friendship, parenting care, relationships with family, adventure, etc.
This not only encourages your children but also help them to understand moral values well.

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