What’s the most fun way to spend time with a kid?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhat’s the most fun way to spend time with a kid?
Abhishree asked 2 months ago

As an elder sister I used to have fun with my little brother. But sometimes it happened that we were not taking interest in the games that we used to play. But things have changed now, kids these days are more friendly with their parents and are more interested to have fun with them. Can someone suggest me that how can I spend more time with kids in the cool and fun loving way?

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coolmanav answered 2 months ago

For me the fun way is to go out and play outdoor games with kids. As due to digitization the outdoor games are not so popular, but we as parents can revive our childhood days with our kids. We can go to parks and can play cricket, badminton, do skating; etc. 

grandkumari answered 2 months ago

To attend the summer camps and fun activities with kids is the most fun way to spend time with them. Children wants to spend ample amount of time with their parents and for parents, if their kids are happy then they are happy too.  

Abhiteg Jammu answered 2 months ago

It\’s in the best interest of us all, to go and do what our kids want us to do. Of-course, it all has to be within limits but going offshore once in a while can really strengthen the bonding. I usually used to entertain my younger cousins with their choice of heroes, dolls etc. and everyone has one! Even if you’re an adult. 

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Sidhu answered 2 months ago

Playing games whether indoor or outdoor, telling them bed time stories, watching cartoons or anime movies, doing creative work or anything which they like as well are the most fun ways to spend time with a kid.

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