What would the ideal learning environment, free of any constraints, look like?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeWhat would the ideal learning environment, free of any constraints, look like?
Lily asked 2 weeks ago

It happens that we teachers some times think that what would the learning environment look like? Is there anyone to tell me so?

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yashraj answered 1 week ago

According to me, an ideal learning environment is a place where all children can study positively. Children can explore things even better by going out and try some practical hand. Learning should not be limited in a classroom. Children should be given extra time to justify their hobbies and additional curriculum activities.

Abhishrey answered 1 week ago

The learning environment for children be like-
1- Which enhances the learning power of the students and not only this, they even try to push themselves out of the box.
2- To make children grab positive energy from the things which are taught to them.
3- A place where children can discuss their curiosities without hesitation.
For me, these are the points which tell the true meaning of the learning environment.

Parth answered 21 hours ago

According to me, the place/environment where children can learn things without being pressurized for learning the same old pattern course would be considered the ideal environment for them. Little brains are meant to explore things and not to handle the pressure of studies. If we all try to improve the teaching and learning pattern, then we can create a fresh and new environment for the children.

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