What questions should be asked to the teachers in parent teacher meeting?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeWhat questions should be asked to the teachers in parent teacher meeting?
Mehak asked 5 months ago

What are the questions that parents should ask to the teachers in PTM? so that children don’t think that parents are disrespecting them or teachers are sitting there only to make their complaint.

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Maviya answered 4 months ago

Being a teacher, I would suggest that parent should ask questions which are related to their children’s daily activities which they do in the class. This will help parents to know more about the behavior of their children, and they can guide them accordingly.

Jaya answered 4 months ago

 I would suggest not to ask questions regarding the grades of your children as it might hurt them. Children are more sensitive than young people. They take things more seriously if it is related to them. Maybe they think that you would compare the marks with others.

Yashi answered 4 months ago

As a parent, I think you should ask the behavior of your child inside the school premises. If the child is not friendly, then you can ask teachers why this is so, and you can also ask your child.
Try not to ask such questions which creates a comparison between the child and his classmates. If often the comparisons will be made, then the child will get frustrated, as all children have their unique quality.

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