What made Buddha such a good teacher?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeWhat made Buddha such a good teacher?
Shiv asked 3 months ago

Teachers are the creators of the future. Gautam Buddha was known as the pillar of teachings and preachings, but does anyone know who made him a good teacher?

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Jaya answered 3 months ago

I think Lord Buddha was very patient and calm which made him a good teacher. He was more curious about the things which made him to learn everything. He wanted to spread his knowledge to everyone, and that’s what he did.

Mahi answered 3 months ago

The knowledge that Buddha was having, and on such knowledge he was having no proud. He wanted to teach the whole world a new definition of education. This made Buddha a great teacher.

Simran answered 3 months ago

I think the aura that Buddha had made him a good teacher. The more positivity a person has, the better the teacher/educator they become. The way Buddha spread his knowledge in the world with positivity and spirituality was indeed a symbol of a good teacher.

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