What is the importance of asking the questions?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhat is the importance of asking the questions?
Yashi asked 4 months ago

Being a mother, I am responsible for every activity of my children (this I think for me). When my children ask questions which are not even relevant, I get frustrated and irritated. But is it necessary to give all the answers to their questions? Who will this help them (children)? 

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Palak answered 4 months ago

I know being a mother, you have many responsibilities. I suggest you not to stop your child asking the questions as children are more curious to know what is happening around them. This curiosity helps them in learning a new thing without studying anything.
Such curiosity leaves the best impact on the little brain of the child, as they are there to receive the answer and can again question back to your responses.

Jaya answered 4 months ago

Yes, I can also understand the situation of children and a mother. Children are inquisitive, and they want to know things, the benefits of such a condition are-
1- They prompt us to give the answers to their questions.
2- They want us to keep obtaining knowledge of kinds of topics so that both [children and parents] are updated, especially for their age’s experience.

mothermamta answered 4 months ago

We, as parents have a responsibility to make our children know and get the answers to their questions. If your child is asking, then answer, if you don’t know the answers then you can do surfing on the internet and then let him/her know.
Asking questions will enhance/boost your child’s brain in different fields of knowledge.

singhswati answered 4 months ago

To make children gain knowledge so that they can be able to cope up with the ease, we have to answer the students accurately. It happens much time that we are not able to explain, or we are not willing to answer at that very moment.
To escape from this type of situation, we should start thinking for our children this will make our will power to give the answers to their questions.

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