What is the impact of spending quality time with your kids?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhat is the impact of spending quality time with your kids?
mothermamta asked 3 months ago

We don’t have enough time to spend it with our kids, do these things really affect their behaviour towards their family, friends and society? On which area does it effect? Can we still improve the relationship with our kids?

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sarikastar answered 3 months ago

I think the impact of spending quality time is that we can dicuss the mental and emotional state of our kids. It not only helps in understanding them but we can also express our love and care towards eachother. We can also share our lovely memories with them as well as create the new ones… I think spending quality time with our kids help in making our bond stronger and protective..

singhswati answered 2 months ago

Creating of mutual understanding and confidence in the kids will be enhanced by giving quality time. Thus it changes the mind of the kids towards the society and their people. By spending the quality time with the kids we can teach them good habits and can even take care of them.

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