What is the greatest parenting challenge for working mothers?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent’s LifeWhat is the greatest parenting challenge for working mothers?
khanasma asked 1 year ago

Giving time to the little ones is the most important part for a mother in her life, but what should she do to give ample amount of time to her kids without causing any loss in her profecional field.

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sunrays answered 1 year ago

Taking care of our child along with our work is a challenge for the working mothers. In most of the working places where women are working on a large scale, facilitates by providing them creches so that they can concentrate on their work and can look after their kids between the work intervals.

sarikastar answered 1 year ago

You can also opt for part time jobs or even go for teaching or in banking sectors where you need to work only half time, rest time you can give to your children. The salary and security benefits are high in these sectors than working in MNCs. As in MNCs you won’t get time for your children.


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