What is the best teaching method to teach English poetry?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - EnglishWhat is the best teaching method to teach English poetry?
grandkumari asked 4 months ago

English is not an easy subject to get a full command on it. I am a Hindi teacher and I want my child to learn poetry in the easiest way. Does anyone know how to make children learn full-fledged poem with the proper accent and pronunciations?

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shifastar answered 4 months ago

I think for kids the best way is to enact the poetry words and try to sing the words instead of mugging it up, Just like songs, we don’t learn the songs instead we listen to them and if we enjoy that song then it automatically fits in our mind and then we also start singing the song.

Abhiteg Jammu answered 4 months ago

-Stick to a single explanation for the poem, each professor or book provides a different interpretation. 
-Ask the students to recite the poem in their own rhythm and tune.
-Use illustrations and drawings on the board to make it engaging.
-Ask the students to tell what they think the poem means and how do they feel about it. 

I am certain these pointers will help the kid in memorizing it a lot better than before.


Simran answered 4 months ago

Making them learn poetry in the easiest will be making them watch the poetry in the smart class and then ask them to sing along. I think this will help them a lot.

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