What is the best method to teach geometry?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - MathsWhat is the best method to teach geometry?
Shiv asked 4 months ago

I think there are different teaching methods of teaching geometry to students. Will anyone like to share their own way of teaching?

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yashraj answered 4 months ago

The best method to teach geometry is when we explain the things first on the board and then by showing some of the examples on the smart board and after that ask the students to explain on the board that what did they understand.

Abhishree answered 4 months ago

In my school days, my teacher used to explain geometry by making it a play game for us. For instance- He used to ask us the related questions and ask us to draw the shapes on the board, whosoever made the perfect diagrams of geometry he used to give us the points and the student with the maximum points wins.

Shiv answered 3 months ago

There are many Mathematics books. One of my son’s favorite Mathematics book was “The Greedy Triangle” by Marilyn Burns. This book is designed for the students of class 3rd. This book creates interest in making students engage in such geometry challenges. With the help of this book, children can create their geometry shapes by adding and subtracting geometric figures in their notebooks. 

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