What is life skills education?

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sunrays asked 3 weeks ago

I don’t know what “life skills education” exactly means and how it is helpful for everyone, especially for children. Can anyone tell me how life skills term is defined in our day to day life?

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Abhishree answered 3 weeks ago

Life skills education means education that teaches us how to develop our personality so that we can easily tackle the challenges which can be seen in society.
Such education makes us able to face the problems which comes in our way and which you can quickly learn by just focusing on the environment around you.
It imparts knowledge of dealing with all the emotions you face in life.
Life skills education covers a broad range of subjects such as emotional awareness, appropriate actions/responses, the judgment of people, situations, etc.

Sidhu answered 3 weeks ago

I have read that life skills education is education which are meant to develop the skills of children and adults. In such an education, things are taught differently. More activity-based teaching is done to make things even more apparent.
This type of education is becoming more and more popular these days.

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