What are the ways to teach creativity to kids?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhat are the ways to teach creativity to kids?
Yashi asked 2 weeks ago

Different children have a different level of learning, and there are various methods of teaching creativity to kids of varying age levels. Can anybody help me to teach such techniques?

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singhswati answered 2 weeks ago

Children are already creative enough that if we assign a task to a child, they will be able to do that easily by imagining. As kids are more imaginative than adults. There are few methods to enhance the creative power of children, such as-
1- Never spoon-feed a child.
2- Avoid excessive use of television and the internet.
3- Always encourage your child if he/she indulges in any creative activity or academic field.

dashingdood answered 2 weeks ago

I think that children are more active and energetic to learn and understand creativity. A child’s brain works a lot when they are in play mode. So to make them creatively learn things, you should take them out and teach some play-based actives. Such activities can be seen at the back of the course books or on the internet.

sarikastar answered 2 weeks ago

As a mom, I can proudly say that my daughter does well in all her creative work as I send her in different activity classes, which are in my pocket. Not all the activity classes are moderate, but some of them are. My daughter loves to join such courses, which are mainly held in summers and winters. Such classes boost the confidence level in kids, and this will helps in carrying themselves in various surroundings.

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