What are the some good method for teaching computer classes?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - Other SubjectsWhat are the some good method for teaching computer classes?
Mehak asked 4 months ago

As we all know that using a computer in our daily life is a part of our work now. Without computers, our work will suffer a lot. So it is a must subject which every child should understand properly. What is the method by which teaching such a subject become more fun and easier?

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Yashi answered 4 months ago

To teach students the knowledge and importance of computer is not that easy, but if we set up a proper system of computer in the classrooms and teach the students the fundamentals of the computer from the very start and try to help them in their practical work, then they will understand more.

Maviya answered 4 months ago

I think the practical method is the best method to teach computer science with ease. Theoretical knowledge is limited in front of the practical one. If students can understand the basics, then they are to score good marks in the written exam as well.

Mehak answered 4 months ago

I think, if kids are doing practical work more on computer then teachers should focus more on the practical work. Ask children to show the programs which they know better then you can teach them accordingly.

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