What are the modern teaching methods?

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Vaibhav asked 4 months ago

In the modern world, the techniques of teaching have also increased a lot. Both students and teachers are now blessed with the latest online material to make themselves more knowledgeable. Will anyone like to share their views regarding this topic.

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Mahi answered 4 months ago

If we talk about modern teaching methods, then I can say that the internet has been playing a very vital role in the field of education. Internet not only made our communication system strong but also made us able to educate ourselves whenever and wherever we want to study.

Parth answered 4 months ago

For me , the modern teaching methods will be- teaching kids with the online books which are available free of cost. Plus there are some activities which are very beneficial in the development of the children.

Maviya answered 4 months ago

According to me, the best modern teaching method is PPT (Power Point), this method is the best to teach children of higher classes as more pictorial and graphical teaching can be done to explain them well.

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