What are the impacts of poor teaching methods in history?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - Other SubjectsWhat are the impacts of poor teaching methods in history?
catmili asked 4 months ago

It is often seen that students show less interest in History, this is due to lengthy syllabus plus students have to mug up the dates. But what if the teaching method is not good? How we can improve these methods?

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Parth answered 4 months ago

The half knowledge regarding the subject is the impact which students face a lot. Sometimes it happens that teachers don’t know the full background regarding the lesson so they create their own logics which mess up the minds of the students.

Abhiteg Jammu answered 4 months ago

The impacts of poor teaching are severe. They make a child inconsistent, less familiar with ethical principles and insightful knowledge which eventually deviates them from the path of a good human being.

As you’re talking about history here, I too used to find it really boring. The best way is to add some fun elements while teaching the subject. For instance, if we’re talking about a date, suppose 3rd July, you may ask the class if any student had anything special in his/her life on that day, a student might narrate the happening and the whole class will end up remembering the date. 
Or, you may choose to keep surprise tests of one-liners and mcqs. 

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