What are the best YouTube channels or blogs for kids?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - MathsWhat are the best YouTube channels or blogs for kids?
yashraj asked 4 months ago

Kids are very fond of games. We can make them understand maths through fun games and activities. But we have limited ideas. Can anyone suggest me some sites or channels from where I can collect and take ideas for my students so that they can play in the classroom?

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rockstarv answered 4 months ago

Maths is a subject which becomes boring if not taught with some fun activities. Here are some of the sites and channels which I use for my kids maybe this helps you a little.
1- Numberphile
2- Brilliant
3- Play maths, love maths

Abhiteg Jammu answered 4 months ago

You should use the special edition of the Youtube application, Youtube kids which solely revolves around activities, bedtime stories, subjects, basically anything for kids. 

Other than this, these are some of the channels that are very much into fun learning.
1. TedEd math channel
2. Brainpop
3. Math and learning videos 4 kids

Hope this helps you. Cheers!

Simran answered 4 months ago

I use “Dreambox” for my primary class students. On this website you will get math activities from classes k-8. These kinds of math websites offer some personalized instruction which helps in the development of the students and they become more confident while doing such activities.

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