What are the best teaching strategies for effective learning?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Early Childhood EducationWhat are the best teaching strategies for effective learning?
Abhishrey asked 5 months ago

It is said that different teachers have their own teaching styles, but are there different teaching strategies which make kids learning more effective and strong?

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dashingdood answered 5 months ago

The best strategy will be the methods that are understood by the students easily. Mostly students enjoy learning in fun way and try to be more extrovert to express themselves.

rockstarv answered 5 months ago

We can use cooperative method to help our student. In this method, the teacher can divide the students into small groups (of different abilities to analyze the work) and can do the assigned task so that they learn different and new thing from each other.

coolmanav answered 5 months ago

Teaching strategies means the way teachers are teaching their students so that the matter which is being explained will be understood by all. I think the simpler the method/style of teaching will be, the easier it will be for students to understand more.
For instance- When I was in the school my teacher used to explain the chapter and then she put up the questions reading the lesson that she had explained, and the students those who were unable to answer her, she then asks the student that what is the thing that he/she is unable to understand. After that, she gives the solution to that problem.

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