What are some parenting tips that make life with kids easier?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeWhat are some parenting tips that make life with kids easier?
yashraj asked 2 months ago

In the present time, parents do not get enough time to do any activity for themselves as well as for the kids due to hectake schedule. Is their any tip which will make life easier with the kids?

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catmili answered 2 months ago

You can give some activities to children like give them a drawing book so that they can color the pictures, in the middle of your work so that they will be equally busy and can spend time you and on the same hand you can deal with your work.

zidimahir answered 2 months ago

You can motivate your kid to become a problem solver, this will increase your child’s courage and make him strong from within.

You can also make your child understand that what is right and what is wrong by giving/showing practical examples. This will help your child understand the major difference that whatever he/she is doing is right or not…

raman answered 2 months ago

Engage your child with some game activity. Many online game activities are available and #EdCaptain is one of them. Keep teaching us #EdCapatin.

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