Ways to catch maximum attention of students in class?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeWays to catch maximum attention of students in class?
shysankalp asked 3 weeks ago

It is often seen that students are more like to play during the running class instead of studying. What are the methods to make them pay attention to the class?

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sunrays answered 2 weeks ago

I think the main ways to make children attentive in class is-
1- Teachers should prepare the lessons first to teach children.
2- Do question-answer session to make children engage regarding the topic.
3- Give them some homework related to that particular topic.

viyom answered 5 days ago

I think not every child wants to stay in the class for a long time as it bores them a lot. Instead, we can make them study out in the school ground. If children learn in a play form, then they will be more active in the classroom also.
Creating puzzles and games to make their brains more active will help them to develop their understanding and logical thinking stronger.

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