What if students are not listening to the teacher in the classroom?

rockstarv asked 4 weeks ago

It happenes that students don’t listen to their teacher during the active class specially the children of classes from 4 – 7.

lovelymaira replied 4 weeks ago

yes its the most common problem now a days….

2 Answers
viyom answered 3 weeks ago

I think it is so because children need little time to adjust themselves. They get tired of sitting on the same place for a long time. Give 5 minutes time to them so that they can stretch or relax their body and after that they will make themselves sit without causing any hindrance to anyone and they will listen to the teacher carefully.

mizanyo answered 7 days ago

You can tell them that in what ways they can do things without making them clumsy and if you will be polite to them they will understand your words I guess…

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