How do teachers interact with the students on their 1 day?

samarcool asked 4 weeks ago

Is it possible to make students feel little friendly and comfortable on their first in school so that they can discuss their problems and can even share their thoughts with the teacher without hesitation throughout the session.

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singhswati answered 4 weeks ago

       Well I think yes, when new batch starts I do introduction with my students. This process makes us comfortable and we got to know various habits, things, views of each other.

zidimahir answered 3 weeks ago

You can also interact them by telling a story so that they can adjust and make them comfortable in the new environment. After that you can start the introduction session and by doing this I think children will be more comfortable than they were before.

raman answered 2 weeks ago

I think, teacher may start with interaction session. The first class is very important to make a identity of your behaviour. So, they should try to make a happy environment.

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