Is teaching a difficult task or an easy one?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeIs teaching a difficult task or an easy one?
Abhishree asked 4 months ago

Teachers don’t get that much of respect which they should get. Not only this, they are not paid accordingly. People think that teaching is an easy task, and everybody can do that without bothering. Is that so? Is becoming a teacher is that much easy? Is there anyone who like to share their words with me on this topic?

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Vaibhav answered 4 months ago

No, teaching is not a difficult task if proper teaching methods and teaching materials are provided efficiently. People those who opt teaching as their career mostly hold a degree of B.Ed. or M.Ed., which means that they are capable of teaching and can do even better if proper facilities will be availed to them.

Parth answered 4 months ago

I think teaching is a challenging job if one takes it seriously. Teachers are not appropriately paid in some schools but then also we teachers fulfill our responsibilities properly. We treat children like we are treating our children. After all, we are the one who has to shape the future of the world…

khanasma answered 4 months ago

No, teaching is not that difficult if proper means of communication is there between the students and the teachers. The most critical work of the teacher is to make students feel comfortable and helps them in understanding the lessons which are being taught. 
The more the students pay attention in the class, the more teachers will be able to explain the lessons. So, the leading cause of the difficulty is based on the behavior of the students. If the response is proper of the students, then the process of teaching is straightforward.

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