Is class tests designed to make children score good marks only?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeIs class tests designed to make children score good marks only?
Jaya asked 1 week ago

I make my child study a lot because she gets a test sheet every Saturday. Is this good to make children learn things day and night? Do these tests benefit them?

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Lily answered 2 days ago

No, the tests which are designed by us are not just meant to get the good scores by our students but though this we get the sense that which student needs more attention and in which subject. By conducting tests, we also create confidence level in students. This not only gives them a sense of clarity but also makes them independent of attempting the tests without anyone’s help.

grandkumari answered 21 hours ago

Parents think that test sheets and cards are prepared to rate the students on their performances, but this is not so. We create test cards to make children do something on their own and not only this, and we try to push children from their comfort zone so that they can explore things even more.
Designing test/exams sheets for children is just part and parcel of our daily routine work. This benefits teachers as well in terms of challenging ourselves to give our best to our students.

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