How you will respond if the child struggles in the class?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeHow you will respond if the child struggles in the class?
Parth asked 3 weeks ago

It happens many times that children face many difficulties when they are studying, or the teacher is teaching in the class. Shy students don’t ask their queries from teachers; I don’t know why. Can anyone suggest some reasons so that I can help my children to make them understand things better?

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dashingdood answered 3 weeks ago

In my class, I teach students in a fun way and try to interact with them so that they will be more comfortable with me. I also prefer teaching students through activities. There are many life skill and creative actives which make children step out from their shell. May be such things help you to interact with your children inside the running class.

Palak answered 2 weeks ago

According to my experience, I can suggest you be open with children those who are not taking an interest in studies or for some reasons. Children with an average mind may need more patience and time to understand things than intelligent ones.
If we make students learn things through activities, then it will be easier for them to do things more comfortably.

shysankalp answered 1 week ago

In my case, I allow my students first to read the chapter from home, and then I explain that chapter in class the next day. By doing this, students get the habit of reading and understanding chapters on their own, which makes them understand things better as their brain tries to figure out the meaning/logic from that chapter.
And when I teach them the same lesson that they have had studied, it clears the rest of the doubts also. In this way, my students struggle less in the class when I teach them.

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