How to use critical thinking in the classroom on daily basis?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeHow to use critical thinking in the classroom on daily basis?
shysankalp asked 3 weeks ago

It happens that students struggle a lot during academic activities. But is there any way to make children do focus on critical thinking activities? Can anyone suggest me the online platform that is helpful for me?

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catmili answered 2 weeks ago

There are different children with different IQ levels. You can make children understand things through different online platforms. There are different YouTube channels, websites, etc. which provide online material free of cost. Not only this students will enjoy to do fun stuffs. This will make their brain to develop in a new form by which they can grab thing easily.

Mehak answered 2 weeks ago

These are two sites which I use in my class to make my students learn and understand things in a logical way.
“The Fallacy Files” and “Argumentation and Critical Thinking Tutorial.”
Children are more curious than adults. So they want different patterns/ styles to understand things. The more they will learn, the more they will be pleased with the teaching pattern.

viyom answered 2 days ago

I think playing a quiz session with kids is a good idea. You can try some quiz questions with children. Children are curious about grabbing things by new means — most of the children like current affairs which can be known to them in a fun way. We should go for new teaching methods and try to share more and more things with the people around us.

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