How to tell parents about the bad habits of their children?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeHow to tell parents about the bad habits of their children?
Palak asked 4 weeks ago

There are times when parents don’t want to listen, or they think that teachers are saying wrong regarding their children. Being a teacher, it is sometimes difficult for us to tell parents about the bad habits or the wrongdoings of their children. What methods should I apply to tell parents without indulging in any of the heating conversations?

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Parth answered 4 weeks ago

I can understand your situation of what parents think. But not all the parents are the same. There are a few one, and they do that because they are little extra concern for their kids. They think so because they see their kids are well behaved at home and so do they are here.
To handle this situation, you have to clear the parents that due to change in atmosphere, children often disobey their elders. In school, children behave a little different because there are other kids also to help them in their crazy stuff. Whereas at home, they see that if they do something wrong, they will be scolded by their elders.

Jaya answered 3 weeks ago

I think it is okay to tell parents how children are doing in the classroom. I can understand it happens that teachers believe that what they are doing is for the betterment of both children and their parents. And I think parents should also listen to the teachers. Not every time our children are right. As a parent, I understand that we feel unhappy that we are getting the complaint of our kids, but at the end, I believe that you teachers play an equal and essential role in our children’s lives. And you all should get huge respect from all parent’s side.

Mahi answered 3 weeks ago

It is okay to tell parents about the bad habits of the kids. I can understand that we, as parents become rude many times, but it is not to disrespect the teacher. We also want our children should show the best that they are having. But it happens that we are unable to give adequate time to our children. This frustration of ours makes us more possessive towards our child, and we think that what our child does is right.

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