How to stop my children for creating unnecessary demands?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow to stop my children for creating unnecessary demands?
Yashi asked 4 months ago

Sometimes I become very embarrassed by the behavior of my children in front of the stores/shops. They ask me to make them buy those things which are not necessary for them to purchase or sometimes my pocket does not allow. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this sort of problem?

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mothermamta answered 4 months ago

You cannot stop your children from creating demands, but you can mold their desires by offering them something that they like the most. For instance- My son loves to eat chocolates more than anything else. At times when he creates some demands, I offer him a bar of small chocolate because of which his mind demands shifts from previous to the present (chocolate).

catmili answered 4 months ago

If your child wants something from you then don’t refuse him/her instead, you can do some fun activities together outside in the garden or park or even at home. Try not to offer sweets all the time. If every time a child will be offered sweets or anything wrong for their health, then maybe they make their habit of taking sweets by doing such type of wanting acts every time.

mizanyo answered 4 months ago

They are kids so that, so they will demand! You can fulfill some of their demands, and if you think that they are creating some unnecessary demands, then you can ignore that what are they doing. But before ignoring kids, you have to explain to them politely that they are making a wish which is not so desired for them right now. But if still, they are creating a mess walkout that situation. Tell them if they are going to do like this you are not going to talk to them.
I know this suggestion may be a little strict, but believe me, you can soon overcome this situation.

Sidhu answered 4 months ago

I don’t know whether doing this is good or not, but I tell you about my experience. I give my child 100 rupees every month and said to him that whatever he wants to buy he can but only from this available money. No extra cash will be given to him. Believe me through this method my child not only saves his money for further use, but he also started to calculate them and tries to figure out that he should spend on which item which gives him more benefit.
Now I feel blessed that through this trick of mine, I got the permanent solution to teach my child the importance of money and how he should vale them.

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