How to prepare your children for exams?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow to prepare your children for exams?
mothermamta asked 3 months ago

The syllabus of all the subjects is too much where as the time to make the children prepare is less, so what method we should adapt to accelerate the course so that the children can get better marks?

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mizanyo answered 3 months ago

In a short span of time you can make your child read and understand the chapters and they can just revise the chapters instead of mugging up the whole lesson. I think if a child understood the lesson then he/she doesn’t need to learn even the Q/Ans, they can just express the answers in their very own language which creates a good and healthy impact on the teachers as well as on the brain of the child.

grandkumari answered 3 months ago

You can also use test papers or revision papers to cover the maximum course in a little amount of time. The related test papers you can get in the market or even you can download from the website of the related book. In every book the website is given so that we can explore the more contents related to the syllabus.

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