How to narrate stories to the kids of Kindergarden?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Early Childhood EducationHow to narrate stories to the kids of Kindergarden?
viyom asked 7 months ago

Hello, I am Viyom I wanted to know is there any other way to tell the stories to the little kids as they are very small and busy in their own world. It is very difficult for me to make them teach as they are too small and I do not want to create pressure on them. I want to know that how other teachers and parents are dealing with such situation.

sarikastar replied 7 months ago

Yes, even I also want to know the solution. As my little daughter Maiya is not paying attention in the class when the teacher is telling the story.

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catmili answered 7 months ago

Hi guys, am Mili a Kindergarden teacher, the best solution to narrate the story is that we can draw pictures on board or on chart this will make their mind focus on the work that we are doing or we can also dance, move or do funny actions which attracts them a lot and in result they will engage themselves with us happily without creating any pressure or stress on them.

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