How to manage students outside the class?

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grandkumari asked 4 months ago

Many a time it happens that students misbehave when they are in the playground, and I can’t look after them as in the playground they play rough games like- cricket, basketball, football, etc. How can I manage them without giving them punishment?

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lovelymaira answered 4 months ago

In my school, we teachers divide the children into small groups and then allow them to play on the ground. This concept helps the students to manage themselves. Teachers can also play with the students and not only this, but they can also keep their eyes on the students easily.

Maviya answered 4 months ago

You can play games which are based on music so that it will be easy for you to manage while the students will be busy and enjoy the games.
For instance- give a ball to a student and ask him/her to pass the ball to the person who is standing near her/him. Now play the music, the ball will be in the passing form until the music stops. Once the music stops, the child who was last holding the ball will be assigned a task from the rest of the students, and he/she has to perform.
Like- ‘A’ was the one who was holding the ball at the stoppage of the music. Now ‘B,’ ‘C,’ ‘D,’ etc. were the students those who decided a task for ‘A’ (sing a song). Then ‘A’ has to perform the given task.

dashingdood answered 4 months ago

You can offer them a game challenge that if they behave properly, then they can play a challenge match in which there will be a team of two and whatever they like to play, they can play. Children love to have a challenge match games. Such as matches like volleyball, a cricket match, etc.
Here, you can include a new rule also that the team which will behave adequately and maintains discipline throughout the game will get some extra points.

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