How to make children feel more confident regarding their studies?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeHow to make children feel more confident regarding their studies?
khanasma asked 4 weeks ago

Many times it happens that children feel that they cannot do anything in life and thus get stressed. Is there any way to make children feel comfortable with studies?

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Vaibhav answered 3 weeks ago

Try to make children do what they like to do. I am not saying that they can do anything, but at least they can try new and different things so that they can create their interest. Such activities relate to different hobbies also, like- playing games, creating quiz questions, etc. These activities not only make them happy but will boost a new confidence layer.

Shiv answered 3 weeks ago

Sometimes it happens that children are scared with studies, which makes them run away from books and schools. Sometimes children don’t want to go to school because they think that studies are just meant to give them grades and make them feel that they are not capable of doing things.
The best thing that we can do to make them feel confident regarding their studies is to adopt such methods which not only makes them feel confident but makes them do things on their own. Such activities are play-based studies.

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