How to keep children relaxed during their exam times?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow to keep children relaxed during their exam times?
Vaibhav asked 5 months ago

It can be seen that not only children but parents also get tensed and panic when the exams of their kids take place. What are the tips that can be taken to be patient?

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Shiv answered 5 months ago

Yes, I can understand this phase when children have their exams… But I think children are less nervous than their parents. When my child goes to school for his exams, then my wife and I feel that we are going to give our exams.
There is no solution to this type of pressure as everyone wants their children to score good marks, which makes them feel these things. But, on the same hand if we make ourselves and kids strong that they can do everything then maybe our minds become little relaxed.

singhswati answered 5 months ago

Not only parents and children have such pressure, but teachers are sharing the same experience… In exam times, we have to set the papers in such a way that all the students can solve them without taking much pressure.

Mehak answered 5 months ago

As a teacher, I allow my students to drink lots of water so that it makes them hydrate and as water flows, the blood circulation in the body also works smoothly, which helps the brain to work in an efficient mode.
It is said by the scientists that drinking water is the way by which humans can be relaxed in the best possible manner…

Maviya answered 5 months ago

If children are fully prepared for their exams, then they will be relaxed and will not panic at all. For this mental state, make your child revise the provided syllabus daily. The advantages of these are-
1- Children will not take excess pressure to learn the whole syllabus at the last moment.
2- Resivising daily will create a habit of studying regularly.
3- At the exam hall/room, children will be more confident while solving the parer as they will take no pressure to answer the questions given in the question paper.

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