How to improve your communication skills with your child?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow to improve your communication skills with your child?
rockstarv asked 2 months ago

Communication is the greatest tool to express one’s feelings. The words should be more polite while talking to chlidren as they react more on what we are saying. But is it important to improve our communication skills more? What are the ways by which we can understand children and even make them understand our thoughts to them in a better way?

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coolmanav answered 2 months ago

It is important to understand our child’s mind and you can do that by talking to them poliety and try to focus more on the words that you are using while communicating with them. Be more careful with the selection of words as they catch bad or wrong words faster than good ones. We can ask children to give their views on certain topics like- what is the importance of gadgets? Is the new technology creating good impact on the society; etc. By such type of communication we will create a positive impact on the child. Thus, they will be more open, free and frank with us without any hesitation.

jamesbond answered 2 months ago

You can also share your past experiences with them so that if in future your child will face any struggle they can relate your experiences with their own and can even share their point of view to you.

By developing proper communication skills we can read our child’s mind and can even advice them whenever they take a wrong path. Infact in my view "Healthy communication means Healthy Understanding."

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