How to find a good bedtime stories for kids?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow to find a good bedtime stories for kids?
Mahi asked 5 months ago

Technologies are taking place in the human’s world very speedily; this means that children are using more gadgets before going to bed. But, as a mother, I think to avoid these gadgets addiction, we should tell good moral value stories to the kids. But the problem is how and from where I could find some good stories for my child?

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Yashi answered 5 months ago

I know on becoming a mother the responsibility becomes double as to give proper values to kids is not an easy task. But we can also teach values from the storybooks which are available online. You can download the books from there and can even have a look for books which you also like.  

Vaibhav answered 5 months ago

For little kids, you don’t need to find books online as they are having plenty of storybooks which they have to cover the entire year as their syllabus. You can explain and read those stories to them so that they can cover those stories also and will not take more pressure of completing their course.
Plus as a parent, you will be aware of their syllabus and your child’s progress too.

khanasma answered 5 months ago

I think to teach morals; you can also create your own stories as well. You can manipulate the stories according to the mood and interest of your children. You can even create your imaginary characters and also mix your children’s favorite cartoon characters in the stories to make even more exciting stories.

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