How to explain Science in a better way to weak students?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teach - ScienceHow to explain Science in a better way to weak students?
Maviya asked 4 weeks ago

Science is a tough subject as it is divided into three parts basically-
1- Chemists
2- Physics, and
3- Biology
Due to the number of formulas that children have to mug up regularly. It is difficult for average and weak students to do this. Is there any permanent solution to this process?

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dashingdood answered 4 weeks ago

I know it is tough to make children clear every lesson of Science, but you can give them some play base activity to do so that they will be happy to understand the lessons even more clearly.
There are many websites which provide different types of activities for different grades.

Maviya replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you, sir. Your idea of making children understand things through activities made my work more accessible, and my students are paying more attention in the class.

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