How to become a great parent to my children?

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shysankalp asked 2 months ago

My child thinks that I am his hero are no one is as great as his father, but deep inside my heart I know that I am not the exact image of the hero that my kid is thinking about me. Is there any tip to make myself more like a hero father/an idol for my kid? As he follows my footsteps because he wants to become just like me and I don’t want to dissapoint him.

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Lily answered 2 months ago

Doing things together and spending quality time with your children is the best part of your parenting…

Nothing is better than to be with your kid, this is what I think is the best part of parenting and to experience the parenthood as well.

Sidhu answered 2 months ago

You can also teach them how to behave in front of the people when they meet them. Parenting means to teach your child every little thing by which they can know the importance of the life and they should learn how to respect others..

Abhishree answered 2 months ago

You can also set a good example of disipline so that they will behave properly not only when you are around but also when you are not present in the very moment. You need to apply the rules on yourself before applying them on your children.

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