How should a teacher talk to students?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Teacher's LifeHow should a teacher talk to students?
Palak asked 3 months ago

It is said that “people don’t harm anyone, but their words do.” In this case, what do you all think about how should teachers talk to their students which do not hurt the students?

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Parth answered 3 months ago

Being a teacher, I would suggest that we should speak politely and try to listen to what students are saying to us. Mostly it happens that students are unable to speak to us just because they are scared of us which will create a bad bond.

Mahi answered 3 months ago

As a mother, I will say that teacher should treat their students as their kids so that the communication and bonding between the two of them will be stronger. Children are just like little buds of a flower, the way you treat them the way they will respond to you.

Yashi answered 3 months ago

I think a teacher can start a friendly conversation with their students by saying some sweet words to them like good morning, hello everyone, etc.
She can also use some positive sentences to the children. For instance- If she has to say don’t run. She instead opts for the change in a sentence like- use walking feet.
Such sentences help children to take advice positively.

lovelymaira answered 3 months ago

Considering children as their own teaches us far better methods to change ourselves as teachers. Teachers are the one those who teach everything to children. This also means that teachers should be more polite to their students because only teaching is not good enough unless one should know how to talk to students.

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