How much does grading affect or motivate students to learn?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow much does grading affect or motivate students to learn?
Jaya asked 2 weeks ago

Is the grading pattern good? I often feel that children work hard, and it happens that grades are not given for particular marks. It lies between a range like- grade B will be given to the students who score between 85 to 90. So, in this case, a student with 85 marks will also get the same grade as a student who scores 90 marks. Don’t you think it is a little injustice?

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catmili answered 1 week ago

I think what you are saying is right, but if you look at this case differently, then it will seem like we are positively motivating our children. Some students feel that they cannot bring good marks, and they will never get a good grade. But instead, they are capable of scoring good marks, and once they see that they get grades just like a good student, then they feel confident.

dashingdood answered 5 days ago

In my view, the grading system is sound. It helps children to make themselves motivated and confident. Not only this pattern helps students, but teachers are also relaxed, plus their mistake of numbers is minimal.
I know parents and some good students consider this system a little clumsy, but honestly, it is beneficial for all of us to make children grow without, making them pressurized for the scores.

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